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You can make your own custom embossed stationary by three different means. The first is to use flat stationary that looks like it is embossed--you can even use this for email stationary! Call it trompe l'oeil, faux embossed stationary if you'd like. Most digital manipulation software have an emboss option that allows you to simulate embossing. Sometimes you get good results, other times not so much.

The second it to emboss stationary yourself. It's very easy to do. You'll need a clean white blotter, the paper you'd like to emboss, wax paper, the pattern you'd like to emboss as a stencil and a wooden stylus. The blotter should have enough give to it that you can make your embossed pattern. Put the blotter down first, then the stationary paper you'd like to emboss with the display side down. Optional: put a piece of wax paper on top to protect your stationary. Put your stencil down, taking care that it shows to you a mirror image what you'd like for the final version. Push the stylus back and forth from edge to edge in the stencil. This is one of those tasks where the more you practice the better you get. Try different pressure on the stylus. Try different types of styluses, such as a bamboo stick, popsicle stick, wooden spoon of your fingernail.

Third is to take a raised image, say a coin or token, and place your stationary paper on top of it. Rub the paper with a stylus to make your personalized embossed stationary cards and letters. You can use a colored pencil or crayon to give the rubbing some color. Or use gold leaf to get an embossed seal.

Below are free to download and print stationary with faux embossed designs.

an elegant faux embossed stationary


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