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Welcome To Stationary Nation!

We have free printable stationary (stationery) that you can use as notecards, invitations, writing paper for weddings, Christmas ('tis the season: Christmas Stationary & email Christmas stationaryand other holiday and everyday occasions. And, you can use them in your email programs, too! You can use our artwork to make personalized stationary. Please see our custom stationary page for individualized work.

We have outlook express stationary and incredimail stationary. They are 100% free to download and use for your personal emails to family and friends.

You won't find this artwork on any other stationary site--it's all uniquely developed for our site. You may use it for your personal stationary, but it may not be reproduced on other websites or used commercially.

Check back often... here are some thumbnails of coming attractions. New: here's our free printable halloween stationary & free printable valentine's day stationary. And now, for your sardonic appreciation: free printable business stationary--edgy, sarcastic and useful for your career advancement. Also new: paper for making a stationary box. For the superior person: fine stationary. Will the newness never end: free printable stationary borders & our first free printable stationary set with notecard and envelope. And new newnessness: childrens stationary.

A Primer On Stationary (Stationery)

Write it on plain white paper, or type it into your email program with a white background. That's fine for ordinary correspondence.

But use a fancy border on the side, some frilly flowers on the bottom or a cool images up top, and your invitation, announcement or memo stands out. Use a coordinated set of fonts, colors, icons and you can make a personal statement of style or a business brand identity.

You can communicate your own style with our free printable personalized stationary. It says you are cool, contemporary, unique, artistic. If you send out a birthday announcement you can set the theme of the party beforehand to set the mood before the guests arrive. Send out a wedding shower or baby shower invitation with the same intent, and also give guests an idea of what gifts to bring! Here's our free printable wedding stationary. Encourage your children to send out letters by using stationary with their favorite animal, cartoon superhero, Disney characters or the everpopular Hello Kitty.

Stationary is popular for Valentines Day (see our free printable valentine cards), Halloween, Christmas, Graduation Thank You cards; as well as invitations to friends and family for a parties and religious holidays and events. We have a couple free printable birthday cards for that annual affair.

Business stationary can establish a corporate image as well as providing necessary information such as phone numbers, address and website. You can include a preprinted return envelope as a courtesy and a flat card with account number, transaction details etc.

Stationary can be embossed (see our free printable embossed stationary page), enhanced with a gold-leaf monogram on the back of an envelope. You can get stationary with your own personal watermark or simulate a watermark by printing a subtle image. Instead of using a scissors, fold a crease, wet it and then tear it. Dip the edge in ink for a nice effect. Instead of using squares and rectangles exclusively, cut out a circle, triangle or irregular image outline for a nice effect, or fold and glue for pop up designs. Hey try that for your next job application: use a pop-up resume (that's if you're just applying for funsies). Here are more creative ideas to make your own stationary supplies for different dimensions of stationary.

In addition to writing with stationary some ideas of what to do with fancy paper are gift boxes, origami, ornate packages such as wine bags with swirly bows and colorful feathers, name tags and gift tags, gift wrap, post-it style stickies with clever sayings such as "Thank God for my Brilliant Coworkers".

Stationary is sold in fine botiques such as Papyrus, through retail and wholesale companies such as Crane, American, Staples and Red Rose. But regardless of their discounts, bargins, low cost offers... blah blah blah; they can't beat Stationary Nations's free downloadable stationary. What's more, you get to choose the size and type of paper: use glossy or matte finish, use handmade paper or canvas in your printer (see your printer specifications first so you don't jam it!).


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    *A word about our name and choice of spelling...

    Twentieth century dictionaries define stationary as not mobile, and stationery as writing paper and envelopes. The word "stationery" however was originally spelled with an "a" in English (more here on origin...) and also (stationary vs stationery in internet usage).


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